Same Site, new Server! (6/9/18)

Hello, Store Crew! During Crew Week this website was migrated to a new server. This should only make things faster. If you run into any problems, let Acacia know ASAP. This message should disappear in about a week.

Acacia, feel free to call me with any problems. I don't expect anything, but I've got the server taking nightly backups of your data just in case. :)

Welcome to the Cedar Campus Store Web Management System. You may access many of the items on this system read-only without an account. For access to edit any items necessary for your department, create an account and contact The Store Manager or Programming and Marketing Manager for access.

Current Store Admin:
Technical Support: Most administrative tasks such as changing sauna times and campfire locations can be managed by any Store Admin. For free technical support with any bugs in this site itself, contact Mike Knooihuisen at mknooihuisen[at]gmail[dot]com, or see Kelly for how to contact Mike by phone.